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«Fair Play Bygg» is working to reveal and prevent work-related crime and document crimes committed in the construction industry.

We are working to reconstruct a serious construction industry who competes on equal terms. In order to do that, we are dependent on getting information from people who witness work-related crime. Have you seen something? Use the form underneath to send in a tip for us. It can also be submitted anonymous.

(If you have the current adresses where the suspected corporation works, please include it)
You can attach pictures or other forms of documentation. The allowed file extensions are jpg, png, doc, docx and pdf.
Include the organization number of the suspected corporation if you have it.
Fill out your name if you want to. It is also possible to send in the form anonymously. Just leave the name and contact information fields blank.
If you wish to be contacted via email, fill out your email adress.
If you with to be contacted via phone, fill out your phone number.
To prove that you are not an robot.

«Fair Play Bygg» is a cooperation between the worker- and businessowner-associations. We are owned by:

Fellesforbundet Avd. 605 Rørleggernes Fagforening
Elektromontørenes forening Oslo og Akershus
Oslo Bygningsarbeiderforening
Nelfo Oslo og omegn
Nelfo Romerike
Byggmesterforbundet Oslo og Akershus
Maler- og byggtapetsermestrenes Landsforbund
Murmesternes Forening Oslo
Tømrer- og byggfagforeningen